The Guided Sanctuary Tour

Immerse sanctuary tour

Immerse yourself across our internal area and skywalk with the authentic experience  


250K | 90-120 minutes 

You’ll learn up close how we provide an international standard of care, combat the illegal wildlife trade, and rescue bears from poor captivity across Vietnam.
• Guided Sanctuary tour (45 - 60 min) 

• Visit the bear enrichment area, technical facility, and enclosure perimeter, to see how we deliver international standard care across our 5.5-hectare sanctuary. 

• Observe our rescued Asiatic Black Bears in a species-appropriate environment 

• Viewing of “Bình Yên, về nào” in the Bình Yên Theatre (30 min) 

• Self-guided Skywalk experience 

• Compliment drinks 

• Option: Bear-noculars or Phone Telephoto Lens (+50K extra) to bring you closer 

For advance booking, contact us via hotline +84 229 3666 388 or send us a message via BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh Facebook page.


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